Exam Gloves Latex Best Touch with Aloe & Vitamin E

Exam Gloves Latex Best Touch with Aloe & Vitamin E

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100+ $5.65 $0.06

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Product SKU: BTLA101-BTLA105
Shipping Weight: 1.10 pounds
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BTLA102: Small 100/Box
BTLA103: Medium 100/Box
BTLA104: Large 100/Box
BTLA105: X-Large 90/Box

Description: Exam Gloves Latex Best Touch with Aloe & Vitamin E

Best Touch® Latex with Aloe and Vitamin E provides superior protection and comfort with the added benefit of an aloe and vitamin E inner coating. This exclusive formula allows for an enhanced inner coating which helps prevent your skin from becoming damaged or irritated. Additionally the vitamin E acts as an antioxidant providing extra protection for your hands. Best Touch® Latex with Aloe and Vitamin E allows you to experience the difference Sempermed gloves offer.


  • Aloe and vitamin E inner coating
  • Rejuvenates and nourishes hands
  • 50 micrograms or less of total water-extractable protein per gram
  • Reduced potential for allergic reaction
  • Powder-free
  • Eliminates potential aerosolization of glove powder and powder associated transfer of chemical allergens
  • Multi-layer, fusion bonded
  • Enhanced strength and durability, quick and easy to don
  • Micro-rough textured surface
  • Improved tactile sensitivity with increased gripping characteristics

      Order # Size Gloves/Box* Boxes/Case
      BTLA101 X-Small 100 10
      BTLA102 Small 100 10
      BTLA103 Medium 100 10
      BTLA104 Large 100 10
      BTLA105 X-Large 90 10

      *By weight


      • Halogenation/siliconization and extensive washing in water
      • Inside coated with synthetic material with vitamin E and aloe


      • Natural Rubber Latex
      • Sulfur, Zinc Oxide, Organic Accelerators (dithiocarbamates, benzothiazolate)

      Caution: This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions. Safe use of this product by or on latex sensitized individuals has not been established.

      All Sempermed gloves are single use only.